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Humidity Controller


Humidity Controller

Ideally, your home’s humidity should sit at about 45 – 55%. But what does that really mean for your indoor air quality? It means that your air doesn’t feel too dry or too sticky and won’t negatively impact your health. A humidity controller that can regulate the moisture in the air of every room in your house will ensure you never have to worry about humidity problems.


High Efficiency – Dust and other air contaminants get sucked into your system along with the air. Your filter should be guarding the entryway and catching most of what passes through like a prolific athlete. The bottom of the league won’t keep your home healthy.

Protection For All Homes – Are you concerned that you live in an area with a lot of pollution, high pollen count or excess dust? Our filters are designed for everyone, even those with serious indoor air quality concerns.

Allergy & Illness Reduction – Allergies, colds, flu and asthma are some things that the right home air filter can reduce, especially one that has a self-cleaning ionizer.

No Maintenance – The maintenance-free nature of our air filters is a blessing for your cleaning routine. Despite the more advanced technology, it is hassle-free. All that is required is a periodic replacement.


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