Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses Straight From the Source

Every day, bacteria, mold spores, toxic gasses and viruses zoom through your ducts and end up in various rooms of your house. Then they get picked up again and it starts all over. The result is that you are susceptible to illness just by breathing in your own home.

A Bacteria & Virus Eliminator from Breathe Easy will put those problems to rest. With proven technology and a long list of benefits, it’s a realistic solution for the average homeowner.

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The Science Behind the Power

Our Bacteria & Virus Eliminator is a bit different from other air purifiers on the market. It is active, not passive, which allows it to really tackle the pollutants at the source. It works by producing something called hydro-peroxide plasma, which is a natural substance commonly found on Earth. It is charged so that the particles stick together and are more easily caught.

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A few Impressive Facts About This Air Purifier

What can this Bacteria & Virus Eliminator really do for you? You can rely on it to be:

  • Effective Against All Three Categories of Indoor Pollutants – This air purifier can eliminate more than just bacteria and viruses. It can also get rid of gasses and particulates. This means dust, dander, pollen and mold spores can be a thing of the past in your household. Your family’s rate of illness will drop dramatically.
  • Protective For Your Whole Home – You don’t have to decide which room this purifier goes in. It is integrated with your HVAC system and cleans the air in every room of the house.
  • Surface Cleansing – Because the process is so active, the applications aren’t limited to the air. The zinc ions in the system can kill 99% of viruses that are growing on surfaces.
  • Trustworthy – This device is approved by the FDA, USDA and FSIS and used by the US military, hospitals and in major city schools.

Here is another fun fact. This purifier is so powerful that it can reduce the germ-spreading power of a sneeze by 99% before the sneezer even has a chance to open their eyes!

An Important Piece of the Ultimate IAQ Solution

Breathe Easy provides a 360° solution for indoor air quality which includes the Bacteria & Virus eliminator. It is step 4 in the process after a quality air filter, a blower ionizer and a bacteria growth inhibitor. It is a proven and aggressively effective solution.

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