Disinfect Your HVAC System With a UV Bacterial Growth Inhibitor

Mold and mildew happily take hold in any area shielded from the sun, and unfortunately that means your HVAC coils are prone to microbial overgrowth. Yuck! So what does that mean for your health?

It means that mold, mildew and bacteria are using your air conditioner as a breeding ground, and spores will escape through your ductwork and into your house. This lowers your indoor air quality and aggravates asthma and allergies, and can make you feel unwell even if you don’t have either of these conditions.

The solution to this lies in UV light technology. A Bacteria Growth Inhibitor from Breathe Easy uses this powerful, natural energy to destroy the DNA in mold and mildew and stop the growth in its tracks. And this small device is advantageous in many ways.

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