Discover the negative effects of Mold and Viruses on the human body

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Blower Ionizer


Blower Ionizer

Do you know what all of the allergens, smoke, bacteria and other unwanted particles are that pass through your ducts? Well, unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt you. When the air in your home gets cycled, a lot of unwanted airborne contaminants blow right out of your system, or they settle in your ducts just to lift off later.

Fortunately, there’s a special product from Breathe Easy to address that. It is called a bipolar air ionizer. It is situated right in your ductwork, and it has many advantages when it comes to improving your indoor air quality.


  • Designed For Standard HVAC Systems – You don’t have to own any fancy heating or cooling equipment to enjoy a blower ionizer.
  • Reduces All Effects of Bacteria, Mold & Viruses – You’ll see a reduction of health impacts from these harmful microbes as well as decreased odor in the house. You may even notice a visual reduction of particles floating in your air.
  • Low Energy Consumption – How many devices do you own that only consume one watt? Probably not many, but you can add our blower ionizer to your list!
  • Magnetic Attachment – Installation is a breeze…A clean breeze!


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