Breathe easy with the newly renovated 2015 Pure Air Indoor Air Purification line. The completely redesigned Lennox product line features advantages for dealers and homeowners alike, including:

Carbon Clean 16 Filter – Enhanced ozone reduction with the Carbon Clean 16 filter
Smaller Cabinet – Easier installation at just 8 inches for installation flexibility in space-constrained areas
Heightened efficiency – Less than 1% air leakage
Less energy consumption – Lower cost of ownership for the homeowner with a lower total unit energy usage.
“In addition to our new product improvements, Lennox will continue to maintain our claim of the industry’s leading air purification unit, cleaning the

air in your home better than any system you can buy,” says Kevin Lyons, product manager for Healthy Climate indoor air quality products.

For more information on the innovative improvements to the Pure Air Indoor Purification product line, ask Freedom Heating & Cooling at (239) 848-6533