Clean air is important to have in our lives, but especially so in public buildings where there are many germs and allergens floating around. In order to help combat unhealthy air particles, RGF Air Purification Technologies has developed both the Guardian Air HVAC Cell and the more advanced REME HVAC Cell. Either of these devices can be installed into any HVAC unit inside the ductwork. The REME HVAC Cell can be installed in a wide variety of places, too.

Both the Guardian Air HVAC Cell and the REME HVAC Cell eliminate smoke odors, cooking odors, pet odors, stale air, chemical odors, bacteria, and viruses from a building’s air supply. Air from the building’s air supply doesn’t even need to pass into the HVAC intake in order to be cleaned with these two devices, because the particles that clean the building’s air are pushed out into each room directly from the device. There, the particles from these devices can oxidize or destroy harmful air pollutants, especially bacteria and viruses.

Both of these devices are very effective. For example, in schools and offices where they have been installed, a 15 percent decrease in absence due to sickness has been recorded. The makers of both the Guardian and REME HVAC Cells claim that they are getting rid of “sick building” syndrome. People even sneeze less.

Both of these units are quickly becoming standard in major restaurants, hotel chains, cruise lines, schools, and hospitals. They both have over a 99 percent success rate in killing viruses like the H1N1 flu, and they also kill mold spores with an over 97 percent success rate. This is important, because many high-tech air filtration systems can miss certain bacteria and many viruses.

Now, there are some specific differences between these two products. Most notably, the Guardian HVAC Cell uses simple ionized particles in order to clean a room’s air supply, and the REME HVAC Cell uses a more complex oxidizer plasma. This means that the Guardian HVAC Cell can only clean a room’s air supply when the fan system for an HVAC unit is actived. Thus, the fan is needed to blow the Guardian HVAC Cell’s ionized particles into a room. The REME HVAC Cell, on the other hand, works when the HVAC unit and its fans are off.

The REME HVAC Cell contains no fan or other moving parts. The nature of the plasma that the unit creates forces it to move at 2 cubic feet per minute 24 hours per day. This means that the REME is always cleaning any air supply.

There has been some talk from scientists lately that oxidizers are not good for people to breathe. That’s why RGF Air Purification has made sure that these devices both use “safe” oxidizers. In other words, their air purification particles revert back to harmless oxygen and hydrogen once they have neutralized harmful contaminants.

Anyone who wants the best solution for “sick building” syndrome should consider purchasing ether the Guardian HVAC Cell or the REME HVAC Cell. They both keep indoor air crisp, clean, and healthy to breathe. It’s no wonder that they’re becoming standard in so many different professional establishments across America.