Mold infestations are often the source of numerous indoor air quality and health problems in your home, so the best offense is a good defense. Taking preventive measures is the recommended route when it comes to avoiding a mold infestation altogether, but sometimes certain issues can slip through the cracks without us noticing. 

If you’re concerned you may already have a mold problem in your home, being aware of the common signs of a mold outbreak can help you recognize the problem and stop it in its tracks before it becomes a significantly worse issue! Here are the five typical red flags tied to mold infestation: 

Decline In Overall Health

If you and/or your family members are experiencing poor health symptoms more than usual, a mold outbreak could easily be to blame—especially if you’re having issues with your respiratory system. If mold is in fact growing in your home, you could experience problems like fatigue, mental exhaustion, inflamed skin, aggravated allergies and nausea. This is one of the most dangerous signs of mold in your home because it affects your daily health. If this rings a bell with you, it’s imperative that you have a certified mold removal specialist come check your home as soon as possible. 

Strange Smells or Odors

This symptom is one of the easiest to spot when it comes to mold growing in your home because it tends to travel through your home’s air ducts. Due to the fact that mold is airborne in nature, if mold is actually traveling through your home, you’ll be able to smell the difference. 

Visible Mold In Certain Spaces In Your Home

If you’ve noticed mold accumulating in places like your bathroom or kitchen, you can easily surmise that mold does exist in your home, the only mystery being how much mold is already being fostered there? If you notice mold constantly reappearing when you make continual efforts to clean it, it’s best to call a professional.

Previous Flooding

If your home has had recent incidents of flooding, this can often provide a perfect environment for mold to grow if the issue wasn’t remedied properly and completely. If you’re experiencing other red flags of mold growth and you’re aware of a flooding event, don’t delay any longer—call a mold specialist.

Water Leaks or Intrusions

Going along with the previous point, if you discover a water leak in your home, it’s vital to fix the issue right away and make sure mold hasn’t already begun to form. If there is a leak or intrusion, this can provide the perfect atmosphere to welcome mold into your home. 


Running into any of these issues is a cause for concern and should not be ignored. Mold in your home can have a variety of damaging effects on your home and your health, so when you notice these signs, calling a professional mold removal specialist should be your first move. 

If you’re concerned your home or your family are showing symptoms of a presence of mold, Breathe Easy Air has the solution you need. Contact us for an inspection and action plan today!